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Sanvedana Epilepsy Support Group

Coming together to make a difference…
Sanvedana is an Epilepsy Support Group, started on 22nd February 2004.Yashoda Wakankar the founder of the group herself was suffering from this problem for almost 23 years. So she knew the psychological condition of the concerned person and also her/his parents. So, after her successful brain surgery at Trivandrum, she decided to start such a group, where people with epilepsy can come together and help each other out of this problem.

Sanvedana is a support group for people with epilepsy and by the people with epilepsy. Being a self help group, the members have a monthly meeting where they discuss their condition and their views on general problems arising because of it. Around 40 to 50 members attended these meetings regularly. Any new information published anywhere on epilepsy is shared here at this meeting. A new member if any is welcomed into the group. Also, when an old member returns after her/his surgery, she/he is congratulated and welcomed back in the group. Some times experts are invited to give lectures related to subjects, like ‘Yoga and Epilepsy’, ‘Diet and Epilepsy’, ‘Parenting’, ‘Hobbies’ etc.

Sanvedana has started a counseling center as well. At our counseling center, we have people coming from far and near, to share their problems and experience on epilepsy. They are many a time scared to do so in a group, so they prefer the counseling center. We also counsel those who want to undergo brain surgery. A detailed procedure of the operation, right from getting admitted to getting discharged from the hospital is explained. We also help people from the rural areas with donations for medicines. We have been lucky to have a few donors who pay for the medicines.

Also, now, Sanvedana holds a special meeting for the youngsters, members of the age group 18 to 30 every Saturday. Here, the youngsters discuss things other than their epilepsy problem. Small skits, games etc are enjoyed. Sometimes, a special guest is invited and the group share’s their thoughts and views on the topic of discussion with that day’s special guest. Jokes are shared and riddles are solved.

People from Pune and the nearby rural areas attend these meetings whole heartedly. After interacting with Sanvedna, more and more people with epilepsy are getting their surgery done. In one year, almost 15 people from our group have undergone surgery at the hospital in Trivandrum and are now leading a seizure free and happy life. And in the months to come many more of our members are going to get their surgery done. Due to the good and hard work of Yashoda and her colleagues, people have come to know what exactly this problem is, there are many more who don’t know about it. So, for this, we are soon planning to launch a campaign for the awareness about epilepsy. There are many people even in this age of IT and computers, who take seizures to be GOD’s curse. We are going to help people understand what exactly this disorder is and that a person with epilepsy is just like any other person.

Sanvedana Foundation

Yashoda Wakankar

Radhika Deshpande

Epilepsy Counseling Centre
301, Lloyds Chambers II, 409, Mangalwar Peth.
Pune 411 001, Maharashtra, India.
Timings for counseling: Every Tuesday 4.30pm to 7.30pm by appointment.
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it